Revisiting the Korean War: and its connotations today

By Bhavya Pandey (Daulat Ram College) 8 min read Typically, the term ‘Korean War’ is used to refer to the military campaign launched by the then POTUS Harry Truman, and is said to have lasted from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953. However, the actual ‘war’ dates way back to 1945 - when Korea… Continue reading Revisiting the Korean War: and its connotations today

Going solo: why are public companies turning private?

By Pranav Manie (Hansraj College) Twitter is a funny place. No one had an idea that 140 characters could influence entire financial markets. At least, that’s what happened back in 2018. Elon Musk tweeted that he’d like to take Tesla, a publicly-listed company, private at $420 per share, indicating that he had obtained enough financing… Continue reading Going solo: why are public companies turning private?

The untold story of ‘Nippon-Koku’

By Mayul Manav Contrary to popular belief, economic restoration and reforms aren’t just limited to the policies themselves. While even the most stable and trusted governments have failed to execute promising policy actions; seemingly botched up and propaganda driven government machineries have also sometimes achieved many seemingly impossible feats. One such example is that of… Continue reading The untold story of ‘Nippon-Koku’

The underdog of East Asia: Taiwan

By Shristi Raj Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is a mountainous island nation located in the Western Pacific Ocean. With a population of 23.7 million and compact in nature, Taiwan is among the most densely populated states worldwide. Nonetheless, it enjoys the status of being an advanced economy; the economic strategy used in transforming it from merely being… Continue reading The underdog of East Asia: Taiwan

Discovering the Dragon, and its roots.

By Simran Goyal In the later half of the 20th century, the world has seen a lot of economies come closer to fulfilling the idea of development. Not only have we seen increased political stability and economic prosperity, but there have also been nations like China: who once known only for being one of the… Continue reading Discovering the Dragon, and its roots.

The Student Council: 2019/20

Introducing the people that established Econ ZHDC, making the dream possible! Mehak Kapoor : Head, Social Media The short time I've been part of the Economics Deaprtment has been a beautiful journey. I learned a lot, and tapped into a part of my personality that I didn't know existed. I learned leadership and teamwork, and… Continue reading The Student Council: 2019/20

Questioning the role of the government: the Chicago perspective

By Siddharth Deshpande (NMIMS Bangalore) 6 min read On 9th Feb 1978,  Milton Friedman, through videotape, mentioned that: I think in discussing the 'Role of Government in a Free Society', the first thing you have to do is to emphasize the very different meanings that freedom has. There are two quite different meanings of free… Continue reading Questioning the role of the government: the Chicago perspective

From Smith to Modi: tracing socio-economic ideas across history

By Gunjan Das (ARSD) The notions of left-right-centre, or if not satisfied, then centre-left, centre-right, far-left and far-right are ever-contested and never clearly distinguishable. Initially, the political spectrum was simply a byproduct to position the contested and diverse political ideologies. There once emerged horseshoe and linear spectrums, the two opposite ends of them being left… Continue reading From Smith to Modi: tracing socio-economic ideas across history

Birth (and rebirth) of a theory: the ascendancy of the Chicago school

By Alyasa Abbas In his 1942 book called “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy”, Joseph Schumpeter introduced the concept of ‘Creative Destruction’ in economics. In capitalism, he argued, new technology replaces old ones, new ideas takeover the old ideas, and it is this destruction of the outdated ‘old’ brought upon by the creative ‘new’ that leads to… Continue reading Birth (and rebirth) of a theory: the ascendancy of the Chicago school

Sustainable Development Goals: and the path ahead

By Ria Singh 7 min read If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money. - Dr. Guy McPherson From once taking shelter in caves to now having sky-rise buildings, from once having no means to observe the solar system to now having… Continue reading Sustainable Development Goals: and the path ahead